TOP 10 Weed Barrier Ground Cover Supplier In America

Weeding cloth is a woven fabric of polypropylene fibers, which can prevent weeds from growing while being water-permeable and breathable.

Weeding cloth is not a material that every family will use, but its function is very powerful and necessary.

When we decorate the garden, we often have to take measures because of the growth of weeds, and this trouble can be completely avoided by using weeding cloth.

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No.1 DeWitt

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We strive to create the best and most innovative lawn & garden products because this is our livelihood.

Larry DeWitt started his own landscaping business in Sikeston, Missouri, soon after earning degrees in horticulture and landscape design. In 1977, he was looking for a material to stop weeds and increase plant growth—without chemicals. But during those days, black plastic was a landscaper’s only option. From hands-on experience, Larry knew that while plastic stops weeds, it also blocks out moisture and air. This combination often resulted in plant disease, fungus and rot.

Larry set out to create a better alternative. He experimented with textiles and materials until he finally hit pay dirt. He discovered that woven polypropylene did everything he wanted. His new “landscape fabric,” later dubbed DeWitt’s Weed Barrier, would change the professional landscaping industry.

No.2 Tuohua Plastic

PP ground cover supplier

PP Ground Cover, Make Success Easier !

Tuohua is a direct factory supplier which was established in 1996. Focus on PP ground cover, weed barrier, landscape fabric etc. We win the satisfaction of our customers with our high quality products and enthusiastic service. We have passed SGS, Bureau Veritas and TUV certification.

Landscape Fabric 10

Woven weed control fabric

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Needle-punch woven weed control fabric

None Woven Weed Barrier Fabric-new grey02

Non-woven weed control fabric

No.3 Farm Plastic Supply

Farm Plastic Supply-1

Farm Plastic Supply specializes in engineered Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting and Light Deprivation Greenhouse Covers. We offer greenhouse film, greenhouse blackout covers, and greenhouse plastic sheeting.

We have a large variety of engineered greenhouse plastic sheeting for agricultural applications. Our best selling products are our 4 Year UV Resistant Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting, our Light Deprivation Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting, Silage Tarps, and Landscape Fabric. We stock our products and also cut our greenhouse plastic sheeting to length to bring you a top quality product at a great price with minimal waste.

No.4 Sanbaggy

Started by two brothers out of a garage in California, Sandbaggy’s mission has always been to use the power of online retail to cut out the middleman and bring erosion control products directly to the consumer.

We try harder for your business. We know our customers are the reason why we get to do what we love. As a Christian-run company, we honor the Lord in all we do by operating our company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.

No.5 ShadeCloth Store

No.5 ShadeCloth Store started in 2000 in our basement next to the washing machine.  Today, we utilize a 25,000 square foot warehouse to stock more premade shade cloth panels than anyone in the USA.

No. 6 Growers Supply

No. 6 Growers Supply

A Division of Engineering Services & Products Company, Growers Supply was founded in 1979 with the purpose of bringing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices with exceptional customer service directly to the agricultural, horticultural, building and retail trade communities.

With this goal in mind, we have grown from a regional, two-person operation to one with corporate headquarters and sales call center located in South Windsor, Connecticut and a manufacturing and distribution center located in Dyersville, Iowa.

These multiple locations allow our dedicated team of sales and service professionals to service over 300,000 loyal and happy customers worldwide.

No. 7 ECOgardener

Here at ECOgardener, we educate and provide tools for beginner and seasoned gardeners alike. Ours are efficient, trusted, and long-lasting no matter the size, space or weather.

Throughout the years, we have amassed thousands of patrons, and continue to remain Amazon’s #1 best seller. Our landscape fabrics, grow bags, staples and more are here to ensure that you are giving the best care to your garden — all while promoting pesticide and chemical-free growing.

No. 8 GardenMate

No. 8 GardenMate

Die Marke GardenMate gehört mittlerweile zur AllMates Group und steht seit bald 10 Jahren für verpflichtende Qualität direkt vom Hersteller und für ein absolut faires Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. 

No. 9 Easy Gardener

Our Easy Gardener products make growing plants attainable for any level of gardener. Easy Gardener has landscape fabrics, edgings, and borders to keep your garden looking beautiful.

The Jobe’s Company is best known for its original line of Jobe’s brand of fertilizers and plant spikes but now includes a huge range of more than 200 products sold through leading home improvement, garden, hardware and discount stores across North America.



Amagabeli’s Latin compound word for beautiful garden is a good wish of the creator.

It is hoped that all customers who use this brand will have a beautiful garden.

It is also a direction of the brand and strives to provide a variety of high-quality products.

Become a beautiful presence in the client’s garden.

How to distinguish the quality of weeding cloth?

High-quality weeding cloth needs to meet the following characteristics.

  1. Higher fabric weight. The weight of high-quality weeding cloth is above 120GSM. Higher gram weight means thicker fabric and better shading effect.
  2. Higher fiber density. A higher fiber count per square inch means better softness and toughness, higher water permeability and breathability. This is more conducive to the growth of plant roots.
  3. Better raw material ratio, through the participation of UV stabilizer, can greatly increase the service life of the weeding cloth.
  4. More complete packaging, complete packaging tends to have good quality, including labels and bags. Poor imitations often do not have good packaging.


Weeding cloth is a powerful landscape material, landscape cloth. It can be used to help us maintain the state of the landscape and thrive. We are a professional landscape fabric manufacturer, able to provide wholesalers and retailers with the most competitive products. Only good products can generate profits, and bad products can only generate after-sales.

If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to consult.

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Learn How We Helped 200+ Customers Gain Success.